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 Help support the High School Chapter of because I said I would at Woodridge High School. High School Chapters aim to foster a community of students who meet monthly to learn important life essentials, such as self control, honesty, accountability, sacrifice, and compassion.  Our Character Education lesson plans teach life-long lessons that strengthen interpersonal skills.Students experience hands-on service learning through volunteerism that helps them develop into to responsible citizens by caring for others.The program is strategically designed to develop leadership skills in students by enhancing their decision-making and problem-solving abilities.Character Education has been shown to decrease bullying and school violence while improving student satisfaction and test scores. Developing good character habits drives success in academics, sports, citizenship, friendships, and family. It is important to teach youth how to stay committed, to be a person of your word, and to be a person of good character.  If you believe in giving the next generation the ability to better themselves and their community ,  Now is the time to give!