Chapter Interest Application

Are you interested in bettering your school?  How about the world around you?

Then apply right now to begin the process of starting a because I said I would Chapter in your High School! Its quick and easy to do!

Here is what you need to think about:

Important: You will need to make sure your principal is on board!

●        Find two committed Teacher Advisors.

●        Agree to host a school-wide assembly.   

●        Understand that Chapter meetups are open to all students.

●        Know that Student Leaders attend a day long in-person training.


Here is what we expect from every Chapter:

●       That you host nine (9) one-hour Chapter meetups monthly after school

●       Complete four (4) Volunteer Projects in your school or in your community

●       A student leadership team is selected with five (5) student leadership positions filled. See more on each position by clicking HERE. 

●       Lead an annual fundraiser

●      That you recruit and maintain thirty (30) members 

The because I said I would Chapter program teaches students the importance of a promise. It helps them develop good habits that will improve our world. Start making a difference in your community, start a Chapter today!









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