Chapter Interest Application

Are you interest in starting a because I said I would chapter in your city or school? Read the information below and fill out the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest! We hope that one day we will have enough financial resources to match the tremendous level of interest we are receiving in starting chapters. The waiting list is growing and we understand that can be frustrating. Please know that we are working hard to find a way to meet demand. Today, we have a chapter program for adults and chapter program for high schools. One day we hope to start middle school and college chapters too! To read more about our chapter vision, please click here. Before filling out this form, please read the requirements that need to be met before a chapter location could be launched. At this point you are just expressing interest and don’t need to have these things lined up, but you do need to have confidence that you can accomplish the following:

  • Meet the fundraising requirement:
    12 months program costs ($20,000) are required to start a chapter. This covers equipment, materials, the charitable budget and the support of a Chapter Relationship Manager from headquarters. We believe it’s important to start financially stable chapters.
  • Recruit a qualified Chapter Leadership Team:
    A chapter can only start when a full team is committed to building success. You would be responsible for recruiting this team before a chapter could start. This includes:
    • A Chapter Leader:
      The leader of the chapter team who regularly presents at chapter meetups and manages the chapter team [12 month commitment]
    • A Unified Promise Leader:
      A project manager responsible for planning large volunteer projects [12 month commitment]
    • A Logistics Leader:
      The detail oriented individual who handles equipment, supplies, inventory and logistics. [9 month commitment]
    • A Communications Leader:
      The social media and marketing guru of the group [9 month commitment]
    • A Fundraising Leader:
      The networker who helps keep the chapter financially strong while also reporting the humanitarian impact of the chapter. [9 month commitment]
    • A Photo Journalist:
      The story teller who captures the stories behind the impact of our work in your city. [9 month commitments]
    • 15 potential Chapter Members:
      People who are excited about the possibility of starting a chapter and are signed up to join if you’re approved. [1 event commitment]
  • Complete Leadership Training: Each one of the roles above have a dedicated training program. We do live webinars, video training and even the possibility of face-to-face training. This takes time.

If you’re still interested in starting a chapter after reading all that, we’d love to hear from you!


Please note that all fields are required.