Why Join a Chapter

Open to all students!

We don't have some hidden agenda. We are a nonprofit. We aren't a religious organization. We aren't a political one either. We are just people who are tired of seeing pain and suffering in the world, so we are going to do something about it.


Build Strength through Character

Learning English, Math and Science is incredibly important. But, if we are not educating the next generation to be decent human beings to one another, then what’s the point of it all? Character education provides the opportunity for students to build the self-control needed to face life’s adversities. Learning things like honesty, accountability and compassion builds stronger individuals, but that doesn’t happen on accident. We provide personal development activities and conduct assemblies to inspire students to be a person of their word. We invest in character education programming because we know some students are one promise away from graduating. The vision of because I said I would is to create a culture of accountability and to encourage people to be difference-makers by making and keeping promises to oneself and others, and by actively engaging in humanitarian causes in schools, neighborhoods, and communities.