Columbus May Unified Promise

19 May 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm EDT

Get dressed up and your dancing shoes on! It's time for a par-tay!!!

Adults with developmental disabilities rarely get to socialize with people outside of their immediate family. This contributes to a strong sense of loneliness and isolation. Because of this, activities where they can be around new and old friends are extremely important to their well-being. Friday night dances are a very popular activity that gives volunteers and adults with developmental disabilities a place to socialize, spend time with friends, and enjoy a high-energy atmosphere. 

Volunteers are needed to:
- Dance! Dance! Dance!
- Assist with set up and tear down for the dances
- Serve refreshments

The most important thing we can do is dance and socialize with recreation members. Typically dances have 85-110 attendees. There is always a live D.J. so get your dancing shoes on!

We will meet at 6:30pm at the school to help with set up. The dance is from 7-9 and we will begin teardown at 8:45. This would be a great opportunity to bring any of the teens in your life so they can also experience volunteerism

19 May 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm EDT

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  • West Central School 1481 W. Town St.Columbus, OH 43223